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    AETV Pulse was created by Soul City Studio, Alyze Elyse Productions they are independently known to the Urban Film Audience they strive to continue to grow their brand and create more urban content for their loyal fans and the new fans to come ..


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  • Even
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     In this Love Story Drama, the aftermath of a divorce leaves Emily and James thrusted into a whirlwind of changes as they embark on trying to move forward in separate paths

  • Blame The Beginning

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    Will this family be able to leave the streets behind !! and move forward to a brighter future ..or will their past hold them to face the seed they've planted

  • Going 4 Broke Seven&tracy

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    In this hilarious comedy, Seven and Tracy find themselves in a struggle to avoid the one thing they fear most, Going Broke. With mayhem and madness from every direction, their decision comes at a cost to either give up or go get the money.

  • David
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    One man's journey to wealth and success comes at a higher price than expected.David finds himself in a frantic fight to save him and the people he loves over one unforgiving secret. The cost of carrying this secret may just cost him everything.

  • Behind Closed Doors

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    3 Sides To Every Story - In this suspense drama, living on the edge seems to be the only way out. With smiles on their faces, many tend to hide the truth. But by the actions of these characters, their motives and hidden agendas brings about a fate that is unpredictable. In the end, only the trut...

  • Flowers
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    From manipulation to deception to lust and heartbreak, the only apology that is left is Flowers